Live interactive music workshops for children and their families


There are many, many recognised benefits to a well-hosted music group. Both children and adults are focused and engaged in a multigenerational, shared yet transcient environment. Each is encouraged to feel valued both as a member of a group and as an individual. Familiar songs and rhymes are combined with a fluid list of varied activities. Each activity is designed to retain focus and work on a different aspect of development. Each session is infinitely variable, which is only possible with a responsive, interactive and live source of music.


Sessions include all children, giving every age and ability chance to be involved and gain achievement.

Sessions have a strong balance of repetition and fresh material. Repetition enables children to feel strong and independent, confident and self assured, whereas change gives stimulus, knowledge of the world and curiosity.

Music improves vocabulary and can be picked up easily in any language. Music conveys communication with ease.

Music is expressive and perfect for developing listening and speaking skills

Sessions are active, with many opportunities for both fine and large motor movements. Music is felt by the body and develops coordination and control of movement.

Sessions encourage children to interact with each other, developing social skills and positive relationships

Sessions are good for literacy. A new story is read and expanded on every week in the longer sessions, to inspire a love of books.

Many of our songs have numerical content used for undestanding and using numbers, shapes and other mathematical concepts.

Sessions and songs can be based around any topic or subject to expand on children's knowledge of the world.

Concentration skills and focus are encouraged. Children are expected to be involved


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